My grandfather gave me my first folding pocket knife when I was about 9. We sat and whittled on some wood and my fascination with knives began.
horseshoeI have worked with my hands all of my adult life, making fine furniture, doing custom carpentry and working in the construction field as a journeyman lather for 15 years. In November of 2000 I had to make a career change due to an injury. I went to school to become a farrier and I have been shoeing horses ever since. As a farrier, I do a lot of blacksmithing and I have entered shoeing contests and horseshoe making contests. The contest that I am the proudest of is a shoe I entered at the World Championship Blacksmithing Contest at the Calgary Stampede. This competition was the first contest I entered and I placed 4th in the world in that division. The division I competed in had nearly 70 entries from 13 countries. The top 4 shoes had less than ½ point spread separating the contestants.

Dad's Knife The knife that started it all

Dad’s Knife
The knife that started it all

In my trades I have always needed a sharp knife, especially since becoming a farrier. It is very important to have a sharp hoof knife. I have had trouble with store bought knives so I started making my own and in the fall of 2005 my fascination with hunting style knives was rekindled, as I wanted to make one for my stepfather. After completing his knife, I decided to keep going and that became the start of Mike Turner Custom Knives.