avilLet me introduce myself. I started making knives as a hobby in the Fall of 2005 and in 2007 started making knives professionally. I make hunting, tactical and kitchen knives, using carbon steel, stainless steel and pattern welded steel. The creation of my knives, from design through final completion is sole authorship.

Damascus and mosaic steel, which I create, is incorporated into my knife designs. I also offer for sale, bars of damascus and mosaic steel.

I take pride on using the highest quality materials available. All heat treating on carbon steel is performed by me in my shop. The high carbon stainless steels and alloy steels are sent out to be professionally heat treated and cryo quenched.

My handle materials vary from wood, bone, antler, horn, micarta and G10. The pieces of wood, bone, antler and horn I use require stabilizing, (some do not require stabilizing), and I will state whether it has been stabilized in the knifeā€™s description. The handle material used is professionally stabilized.

Thank you for your interest in Mike Turner Custom Knives!